When I was just three years old, I witnessed the glory that is professional wrestling and knew I would become a pro wrestler.

I graduated high school in 2003 and moved to Andover, Massachusetts to enroll in the Chaotic Wrestling Training Center.

But an eight-foot drop onto a cement floor ended that dream. I returned home with a broken heart and a broken back. I got a job working in the neighborhood Tex-Mex restaurant. Years later, while working for a local gym, my first book, a behind the scenes restaurant exposé, was published.


After leaving the gym, I became a stock trader working in PJs from the comfort of my home, growing ever more cynical of society and its emphasis on possessions. Around this time, my second book, ROMAN, was published.  

I wrote for PRIMER MAGAZINE. Now I've created my own writing ventures, REVOLVIST and 100% TRUE GYM STORIES, which you can find the link for above. However, most recently, I've put writing on hold to pursue a new venture: STATUS CLOTHING

Revolvist will feature funny, relatable content that will reinforce the novel notion that it’s okay to be, act, and think differently. 

Fuck the status quo.  

Kenneth Suna

1985 Ford Bronco owner, status quo disruptor, and contrarian thinker.

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